United States 2006 
One Rat Short
AFR • 8.98

A city rat pursues a nearly empty bag of cheese snacks that's drifting in the breeze. His journey takes him through a vent into a highly mechanized rat lab, where one particular white female gets his attention. The attraction seems mutual. Now, is there any way out? Bar codes and coincidence figure in the resolution.

One Rat Short
Director: Alex Weil
Screenwriter: Alex Weil
Composer: Sherman Foote
Production Manager: Ilyssa Katz
Production Manager: Bennet Lieber
Production Manager: Stephanie Martin
Production Manager: Sheri Patterson
Original Character Designer: Michael Frith
Graphic Animator: Marc Goldfine
Additional Storyboards: Matt Karol
Additional Graphic Designer: Will Kim
Creative Consultant: Milana Kosovac
Additional Storyboards: Colin McGreal
Graphic Design: John O'Callaghan
Additional Graphic Designer: Jeff Stevens
Character Design: Todd Winter
Storyboard Artist: Todd Winter
Additional Graphic Designer: Chisa Yagi
Foley Artist: Marko A. Costanzo
Foley Editor: David Flynch
Studio Manager: Elisabeth Giglio
Sound Designer: Paul Hsu
Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Hsu
Sound Intern: Paloma Mele
Re-recording Mixer: Keith Reynaud
Sound Assistant: Jason Trammell
Lighting: Will Atkin
Lighting: Martin Boksar
Additional Animation: Jason Carswell
Lighting: Jeff Chavez
Lighting: Cody Chen
Lighting: Karl Coyner
Modeling: Alex Cheparev
Supervising Technical Director: Karl Coyner
Additional Animation: Nick Craven
Additional Animation: Sam Creez
Rigging: Joe Dilallo
Modeling: Jon Dorfman
Lighting: Gong Myung Lee
Effects Technical Director: Seth Lippman
Modeling: Hung Ma
Lead Character Technical Director: Steve Mann
Additional Animation: Kyle Mohr
Lighting Designer/post: Jesse Newman
Lighting Effects/post: Jesse Newman
Rigging: Rob O'Neill
Jon Parker: Lighting Supervisor
Modeling: Anothony Patti
Lead Animator: Pat Porter
Additional Animation: Ross Scroble
Effects Technical Director: Stephanie Siebert
Additional Animation: Mile Southan
Senior Technical Director: Mark Story
Rigging: Andre Stuppert
Lead Animator: Anthony Tabtong
Modeling: Gaston Ugarte
Effects Technical Director: Bill Watral
Additional Animation: Ben Willis
Lead Animator: John Wilson
Previs Editor: Rob Aiello
Assistant Editor: David Chalfin
Previs Editor: Kevin Matuszewski
Assistant Editor: Mike Mendizabal
Assistant Editor: Jennifer Scelia
Additional Story Development: Emily Carmichael
Assistant to Director: Alex Jarman
Assistant to Director: Nicole Martin
Chief Engineer: Robert Muzer
VP of Engineering: Harry Skopas
Rat Wrangler: Tasha Zamsky
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Tags: rat robot rescue

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