United Kingdom 2006 
AFR • 8.48

The story so far...
The port city of Lhek is on the brink of collapse. A Pacific Rim state in a not too distant Asian future with no borders, no meaningful government and little law and order.
Corruption and crime are out of control in the dark alleys of Eda, Lhek's slum district. Most sectors of the city are controlled by the army of dictator Khaan. The most underprivileged parts of the city are infested with dark Demons, ferocious creatures that spread fear and death amongst the city's inhabitants. To venture to those dark places is a dangerous game.
Eight decades ago, Khaan's right hand man, Niran, was said to have found a way of capturing children's darkest dreams and materializing them into reality. It was believed that Demons were created from those dark visions and used to spread fear and terror over Lhek.
Since Khaan came into power his supremacy had been challenged by a single dissenter, a man named Krai.
This man was a renowned "Coder"; one of the last survivors of a supreme race possessing the ability to manipulate DNA, the code of life. Krai was the only person with the power to challenge Khaan's rule of terror.
As his wrath turned against Khaan, Krai became the people,s hero, a symbol of rebellion and freedom.
For seven decades, the ruler hunted him down ferociously. Krai was finally captured and executed, his body cut into seven parts. Even since, stories have spread that his remains resisted cremation and that Khaan was forced to keep them hidden. The seven remains were to be scattered across Asia never to be re-assembled.
Shen, Lawan, Zom and Nhi are the Codehunters. They are said to be the only ones who have the ability to see the suspended "DNA-strings" (the Dark Code) which control the Demons once they materialize. Only the Hunters with their special abilities have the power to challenge Khaan and Niran in their reign of terror. But without the help of Krai, the source of the Dark Code cannot be destroyed...
In recent years many mercenaries and followers of the Code have tried to find and re-assemble the fallen god.
But no one has come close to succeeding... until now...

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